Jerry’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Today was pretty boring considering. The only things I did today that were eventful was teaching Bobby how to trick cats and getting Tom back, now that I think of it, it was pretty interesting.  This morning I woke up to find Tom had put a mouse trap in the mouse-hole which, being careful where I stepped, pushed it back out the other mouse-hole and under Toms twitching tail.  My plan had worked and the mouse trap snapped on Toms’ tail and almost at once was in a high-speed chase with Tom at my tail.  While I ran Tom managed to knock down everything we passed and by some mystery, Tom got his tail stuck in the TV cord and crashed face first into the wall. I managed to get back to the hole only to find that Bobby was awake and playing, so I went over to the chalk board and started writing the ways to trick a cat.  When I was finished I took Bobby outside so we could prank Tom while he was sleeping by plucking his whiskers. But of course the plan backfired cause Bobby was to loud and woke Tom who chased us back to the hole, where we planned a next attack.  We we’re going to attach Toms’ tail to the fan.  When we we’re about to walk outside I pulled Bobby back because I had just spotted Toms’ canines in the front hole.  So we through a dummy into his mouth which he swallowed quickly and then broke into a coughing fit. Afterward he started chasing us until we got to the front door where we opened it very quickly so Tom went flying outside into the blizzard and slammed it after him.  We went to Toms bed and snuggled under his blanket.  Us inside cozy and warm, Tom outside cold and howling. Anyway we had a pretty good day.

Sincerely, Jerry.

Travel Brochure DMNS

Welcome to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science; in fifty different languages.  As soon as you open the door to the museum, it quite literally welcomes you in languages from all over the world on a wall sized display.  Then turn around and be greeted by the smile of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.   A loud roar comes from the life sized Saber-Toothed Tiger to your left and the white snow-lights twinkle in the winter wonderland display opposite in the imaginatively eclectic museum shop on your left.  Pass the silver escalator and see it’s running internal workings moving up and down at the same time.  Vivid colors catch your eyes from both the gemstone and insect exhibits.  A brightly lit tunnel constantly changing colors leads you to a packed Space Odyssey exhibit where you can do everything from making craters to navigating a space shuttle, interviewing an astronaut on Mars to spying on your home from a satellite orbiting the earth.  Upstairs you’ll be tempted by the three-dimensional postcard dioramas of wildlife habitats from around the world, an interactive trip up a mountain investigating fitness and health, and the larger than life I-max theater where you’ll learn about everything from engineering to wildlife to music.  Don’t forget the third floor with the amazingly lifelike dinosaur exhibit at the end of a trip through the history of our planet Earth, or see a life sized mummy in the Egyptian exhibit.  At the end of your trip you’ll find an ever-changing series of traveling exhibits from whales, Sherlock Holmes, poisons, the Silk Road, and Nature’s Amazing Machines.  All this, yet there’s so much more to be discovered at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Favorite Place

Today I’m going to name one of my favorite places.  My favorite place is my dance studio, where I take my dance classes. I have a some great memories from dancing, hanging out with my friends, and even doing homework there.  The reason my dance studio is my favorite place is that I love doing dance and hanging out there is one of my favorite things to do, but as I’ve said it’s my favorite place at least a hundred times you probably figured that out already.  Anyway.

Best Wishes, Nora.


Hi, my name is Nora and this is my 7th grade blog. I do violin, dance, art, homeschooling, and help with the feeding and milking of our cow, rabbits, and chickens.  My family and me do all the feeding and milking every single day twice a day and we’re happy to do it. I take private violin lesson’s, private art lesson’s, and go to dance class’s every day.  In the future I plan to go to a good college, graduate, and read unpublished books for a living. But anyway, my blog is going to serve as my place to improve my writing and to see how much better I get over the years.

Best wishes, Nora.